Fatbeam’s Wave refers to our Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology or DWDM.

Your Fiber-Optic Network can Scale with Ease.

As your business grows so does your need for higher bandwidth, and with Wave, the sky is the limit when it comes to increasing bandwidths over existing fiber networks. Wave, or DWDM, uses multiple wavelengths, which are transmitted simultaneously and use different colored lasers to multiply your existing fiber. This creates new virtual fibers and multiplies a single fiber to fit your organization’s needs. No need to put more fiber in the ground or in the air, with Wave, you are all set.

Add More Bandwidth for a Fraction of the Price.

Wave uses equipment attached at each point of your network to transmit wavelengths across your existing fiber, which is not only efficient but significantly more affordable than putting new fiber in the ground or in the air. Wave will save you thousands of dollars in construction costs and will allow you to scale to meet the needs of your business. Now you will be able to transport multiple terabits of data over thousands of miles of fiber per second and at a fraction of the price.



Enjoy your existing network to its fullest potential for a fraction of the price of building a new fiber network.


Increase your organization’s bandwidth whenever you want to whatever you need. With Wave, the sky is the limit.


Enjoy the benefit of having a lightning-fast point-to-point connection. Speeds like this make uploading and downloading a breeze.