Fatbeam delivers lit and dark fiber WAN services to organizations across the Western US, allowing them to privately and securely connect geographically-dispersed locations.

Modernize and accelerate your network.

With Fatbeam, you can leverage our optical fiber network to connect your various, separate local area networks together in one large WAN (Wide Area Network). Organizations that benefit the most from pursuing this option include medical centers, government departments, educational institutions, research centers, retail groups and other enterprise-businesses.

Create the solution you need.

Designing the right WAN solution to meet your needs involves paying attention to multiple variables such as the number of locations to connect, the distance between them and your bandwidth needs. That’s why we offer both dark and lit fiber options. If you have a data-intensive business, then you need the best in fiber optic infrastructure for unmatched speed, performance and control.

Take your organization into the digital age with our resilient fiber network throughout the Western US.



With multiple financial options available, there is an option for every budget, giving you the network quality that you need. Ask us more today.


Unlike wireless media and copper, fiber optic cables give you greater range and capacity, supporting your growth over the long term.


Through our Network Operations Center and guaranteed SLAs, we make sure our fiber is always ready to support your needs, ensuring 99.9% availability.