Fatbeam’s portfolio of wireless communication sites include towers within Idaho and Oregon.

Reduce costs and resources

With the attention on middle mile and last mile communications services, towers have taken on new importance. Today’s tower infrastructure is being used as a centralized communication hub. Fatbeam’s existing tower infrastructure reduces costs and resources required for new construction, ongoing maintenance, and repairs.

Space, power, and connectivity options

With 40+ towers and growing, fatbeam provides your business the ability to expand your network faster and hassle-free. Scale your business with the space, power, and connectivity options offered at each one of our tower sites.



Our construction minded engineering team is here to help you develop a solution based on your specific needs.

Cost Saving

Get new construction sites up and running faster. Reduce your costs and resources with Fatbeam.


Smart hands is provided by our experienced field services team and 24/7 site monitoring by our Network Operations Center