Open Letter Regarding Net Neutrality

December 11, 2017 Open letter regarding Net Neutrality: As someone who has founded and/or led numerous companies in the regional telecommunications industry for more than 25 years, who recently had dinner with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Pai in Washington DC, and who was recently nominated to the North American Numbering Council which helps set policy for the FCC, I feel I must add my voice to the growing outrage over the FCC’s decision to reverse existing Net Neutrality rules. It is a fallacy that investment in broadband by large carriers such as AT&T and Comcast will be slowed unless Net Neutrality is revoked. This decision by the FCC is simply a ploy to create uncertainty and help the larger incumbents of the telecom and cable industries keep the door open for what they call a “light touch” regarding how they transport (and restrict) competitors’ traffic. As a member of the Board of Directors of INCOMPAS, which strives for a fair and competitive landscape in the communications industry, I invite you to read our position on this most unsettling change to open internet that is about to take place:   Respectfully,
Greg Green Co-Founder & CEO