Fatbeam’s Lit Fiber optic infrastructure supports between 1G to 400G lit transport capacity, providing you with high-performing network functionality.

Flexible, Managed and Affordable.

A Fatbeam Lit Fiber network can flex with your bandwidth needs while keeping your wallet full. Our service is centralized, managed and affordable. Essentially, our Lit Fiber service uses dedicated fiber strands to connect each of the locations where you operate. Designed to cater to our customers who value ease of access and flexibility, we light the fiber and provide lit connections with equipment administered by us – all to give you the peace of mind to focus on your business goals.

Simply Select Your Speed, We Do the Rest.

Available for point-to-point (P2P) or point-to-multipoint (P2M) configurations, our fiber optic infrastructure supports between 1G and 400G lit transport capacity, providing you with high-performing network functionality. Simply select your speed and let Fatbeam provide and protect the electronics needed to light the fiber and deliver the bandwidth you need. It’s that simple!

Ultra Reliable and Secure.

Ultra reliable and secure, Lit Fiber networks are the cost-effective and efficient solution to accelerating the online experience for your employees and customers. If your organization is of smaller size and you do not have the fully-fledged IT teams that your larger competitors do, then Fatbeam’s Lit Fiber service is the right choice to give you an edge in your field. We take control of monitoring our service 24/7/365, so you can focus on running and growing your organization.



We not only provide fiber to each location, but also provide the necessary equipment


Cost effective for smaller businesses needing to expand their networks and grow to the next level


We upgrade speeds as requested without hassle; ask to convert from lit to dark fiber services any time!