Superior, reliable network infrastructure for today’s advance multimedia learning requirements

Providing educational institutions reliable and impeccable service

E-rate focused with a sound track record participating in the program for over 10 years, Fatbeam has deployed dark and lit fiber Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions to over 122 school districts. We’ve built over 70,000 total fiber miles through over 80 cities. Fatbeam has grown its customer base with a combination of reliable service delivery, an impressive regional network and the highest quality customer service

Enjoy the flexibility of custom engineered solutions

Our team designs and implements WAN while providing robust internet access in the education sector using single-mode fiber optic technology. With a custom engineered and installed solution, bandwidth is not limited to what is commercially available in the local telecom market. Our educational partners and customers enjoy the flexibility of choosing dark or lit fiber solutions as well as dedicated internet access.



With multiple fiber routes, Fatbeam ensures redundancy protecting against unexpected downtime or gaps in your educational programming.


No more oversubscribing to ISP’s. Enjoy dedicated, reserved, high-bandwidth internet that supports burstable speeds, with Fatbeam’s DIA solution.


Supercharge your productivity with fast, consistent access to public and private cloud services, all leveraging Fatbeam’s network.