Bringing reliable broadband connectivity to even the most remote locations

Improve broadband connectivity in your community

Fatbeam partners with cities, counties and municipalities across the western United States to provide fiber optic consultation and network design. From custom designed networks to conduit deployment, we have successfully participated in a variety of grants both at the state and federal level. Fatbeam is ready to help bring a stronger, more reliable broadband presence to your community.

Proven track record of successful deployments

Fatbeam is a member of the Association of Cities in the state of Idaho. We have partnered with five different cities to build new fiber networks and connections within their communities. Fatbeam boasts a successful track record of fiber deployment in rural communities across the wester United States.



Fatbeam has been a consultative partner on city and ISP owned FTTH projects for multiple municipalities and cities.


With Fatbeam’s custom engineered and installed solution, bandwidth is not limited to what is commercially available in the local telecom market.

Customer Service

Fatbeam provides reliable service delivery, an impressive regional network and 24/7 highquality customer service.