Get what you pay for with Fatbeam’s reliable, no throttling fiber optic service.

Reduce costs and resources

Fiber deployments in the last mile account for the majority of cost and resources. Fatbeam’s FTTX service delivers fast, reliable fiber optic service to your Home, Business, Premise, Tower (Cellular or WISP) or any location in the last mile. Meeting the needs of organizations when and where they need it.

Customized solutions so you get what you pay for

Fatbeam customizes a solution to fit your needs, providing network diversity, dual entrance facilities, ring design and more. The majority of Fatbeam’s fiber networks have been built within the last ten years, providing unmatched reliability. Eliminate throttling and get what you pay for!



Fatbeam’s fiber network infrastructure has been built with the last ten years, eliminating throttling and enabling unmatched service quality.


Fatbeam’s fiber network is scalable and designed to meet the needs of your business or home, Regardless of size or complexity.


Fatbeam prioritizes our customers. Our 24/7 Network Operations Center provides unmatched customer support.