Fiber-Based Network Provider Fatbeam Celebrates Nearly a Decade of Growth with New Website

Coeur d’Alene, ID – February 28, 2019 – Fatbeam, a leading B2B provider of fiber-based network solutions in the Western US, has officially rebranded in order to highlight its extensive growth and competitive advantages for organizations looking for Wide Area Network (WAN) and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solutions. Founded in 2010, the company has dramatically evolved from a local Idaho-based provider to a dominant player connecting over 40 major cities across seven states. A key, foundational component of the rebrand includes a new website with fluid user navigation that emphasizes the company’s passionate dedication to customer service.

“At Fatbeam, we have a proud history of transforming our customers’ mission-critical networks by ending their dependency on legacy infrastructure and the limitations it brings,” notes Greg Green, Fatbeam’s CEO. “With robust and quickly-deployable resources, we’re always ready and able to build the fiber-based infrastructure our customers need. Even though we have grown tremendously since our inception, we continue to maintain a strong focus on listening to client input and delivering scalable solutions to meet their needs now and in the future.”

With over 35,000 fiber miles across the Western US, Fatbeam serves a variety of verticals including enterprise, healthcare providers, government and educational institutions. The company has an especially strong history with network provisioning for K12-20 customers. In the spring of last year, for example, Fatbeam won $11.8M in E-rate contracts, adding two states to its footprint. For CEO Greg Green and the entire Fatbeam team, bringing fiber to customers offers the added benefit of spurring regional economic development as other local businesses and organizations, in turn, look to modernize and accelerate their growth.

Over the next few years, Fatbeam is poised to capitalize on its proven track record of success as it continues to expand and deliver reliable fiber-based network services to its customers. The company is set to deliver on its ongoing commitment to “Deliver the world limitless access to high speed connectivity and dark fiber.”

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