Fatbeam Launches Cloudbeam for Private, Secure, and High-Performance Connectivity to Cloud Service Providers

August 3, 2020, Coeur d’Alene, ID – Today, Fatbeam, LLC released its latest product, Cloudbeam, which connects businesses to their Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). As businesses increasingly migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud, the connection to cloud is critical to maximizing value from cloud investments. Cloudbeam enables a high performance, scalable, reliable, and secure private connection to a CSP. It creates a separate connection from the regular internet, connecting businesses to their CSPs, privately and securely.

Cloudbeam offers higher performance bypassing slow VPN connections and increases reliability via a direct and private CSP connection instead of going through the public Internet.  Cloudbeam offers high flexibility enabling private connections to over 100 cloud and other application service providers. This is all part of a push Fatbeam is initiating to offer a wider array of new products and services to all 40 of its markets.

“Fatbeam has long been recognized as a leader in providing all-fiber connectivity solutions offering the highest levels of speed and reliability. With Cloudbeam, we are now pleased to offer our Enterprise customers the added peace of mind of a private and secure direct connection to their cloud service provider,” said Tony Perkins, Fatbeam’s Chief Operations Officer.

Users will benefit from Cloudbeam by increasing value derived from their cloud investments, increase their quality of service, and will enjoy the speeds and flexibility that comes with a secure and dedicated fiber connection to the cloud. Cloudbeam is now available to purchase for any business large or small. For questions or inquiries about Cloudbeam, please reach out to your local Fatbeam Account Executive or call (509)344-1008.

About Fatbeam

Fatbeam is the industry leader in the western U.S. in delivering fiber infrastructure for best-in-class connectivity to schools, businesses, healthcare, and governments in rural and mid-sized communities. The company operates networks in over 40 markets spanning Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.