Fatbeam can provide you with a low cost, secure point-to-point or point to multipoint Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL), which offers greater speeds and more privacy.

Transmit Data from One Location to Another Faster.

As the market place becomes more competitive, having the right data on hand at any time becomes increasingly necessary. With EVPL, a business with two or more locations is capable of privately transporting mission-critical data from 10-100 gigabits per second. That is over 60,000 times faster than a traditional TDM line! Having this fast transport system will give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the pack.

Rely on a Dedicated and Symmetrical Private Line.

Having a superior mode of transportation means that you are not competing with other businesses on the same network, which means that your upload speeds and download speeds are the same no matter what time of day it is. It’s like driving your car in the carpool lane while everyone else is stuck in rush hour traffic. It’s extremely reliable, it’s symmetrical, and it’s your very own private road.



Enjoy faster speeds between locations. Your business relies on quick data transport, it’s time to get the information you need now!


With business-sensitive data being transferred from one site to another, take comfort in knowing your info is secure via native Ethernet Protocol from End to End.


Privacy is important. Be in control of your own gear and keep organizational information away from prying eyes.