With an increasing reliance on cloud-based applications, today’s organizations require consistent, unwavering speed for their daily operations.

Tired of speed fluctuations?

You can’t always expect consistent speeds when you purchase a non-dedicated internet connection from an ISP. In most cases, only your circuit on-ramp to the Internet will operate at the bandwidth and speed purchased. Once your traffic hits the ISP’s typically over-subscribed network, actual speed will Fluctuate.

Uncontested and private access to the Internet

Backed by our privately owned and operated fiber optic network, Fatbeam’s DIA solution provides consistent performance. With uncontested and private access to the internet, your organization can finally receive the speed/bandwidth you purchase.


Consistent Coverage

Receive the bandwidth and throughput you need without having to compete with other users.


Fatbeam’s guaranteed SLA’s and 99.99% uptime make our dedicated fiber the best option for protecting your sensitive data.

Customer Service

Fatbeam allows you to transfer your mission-critical data faster, with access to 1G and higher across our spectrum of services.