Fatbeam’s Dark Fiber option refers to fiber optic strands in a cable that have yet to be lit. With us, you can lease dark fiber to support the IT infrastructure your organization needs to grow.

Leverage Communication and Collaboration Tools.

From educational institutions to government departments, healthcare institutions and enterprise-businesses, today’s professionals are leveraging ever-increasing data-intensive communication and collaboration tools. Dark fiber gives you the option to retain full control over your linked point-to-point networks, including decisions about transmission equipment, protocols and other settings. This gives you the high level of security and privacy you need for your sensitive traffic.

Control Your Network, Control Your Business.

As a superior medium of communication, the capacity of the optical fiber is limited only by the transmission electronics you use. If you have rapidly expanding data requirements and a dedicated IT team with expert operational capabilities, then our dark fiber services could be just what your business needs. Control your network, control your organization’s future.



Enjoy the ability to replace and upgrade technology at your own pace. Optimize your network and upgrade bandwidth as you see fit.


Dark fiber provides physical security by completely avoiding the public internet, keeping your data safe from unauthorized access.


Participate in the design and topology of Fatbeam’s dark fiber delivery. There are multiple financial options available – just ask!