COVID-19 Update

Every day more states adhere to new stay-at-home orders, as remote work increases and as network usage grows, we wanted to take a moment to address Fatbeam’s operations. As a telecommunications organization, Fatbeam is considered an essential services company, and we are dedicated to keeping you all connected. Here is what we are doing:

  • Fatbeam’s field workforce will continue to maintain our current networks while also practicing social distancing. Our crew communicates with the job site contact to see if there are any known cases of Covid-19 in their business before starting work. If there are no reported cases, they will then begin work.
  • Our 24hour NOC will remain open for any potential troubleshooting needs our customers may have.
  • Fatbeam has taken the FCC pledge to Keep Americans Connected. This will help ensure our customers will stay connected and will not be charged late fees due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19 or financial hardships. More information about this pledge can be read here.
  • Fatbeam is in compliance with state and federal social distancing regulations and is committed to flattening the curve by adhering to such policies.

As a company, we are ready to support our communities as we maneuver through these unprecedented times.

Please continue to check in on this page for any updates and changes with Fatbeam as the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold.