Today’s advanced multimedia learning resources require superior, reliable network infrastructure.

Extensive Experience with E-Rate Provisioning.

As an E-Rate service provider with experience supporting educational institutions throughout the Western United States, Fatbeam’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solution can provide the fiber-based, high-speed bandwidth your educators, administrators and students need – all backed by stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

We Ensure Redundancy and High Availability.

With multiple fiber routes available, we can ensure redundancy and high availability, protecting against unexpected downtime and unwanted gaps in your educational programming. Fatbeam’s DIA service is designed and optimized for all kinds of advanced collaboration and learning technologies including:

  • Distance learning
  • Online student testing
  • IP-based security systems
  • Voice-over-Internet Protocol
  • Streaming Video and Audio
  • Cloud Computing (Google Apps and Office 365)

With our Tier 1 backbone fiber network, we help educational institutions bridge digital gaps by ending their dependency on outdated, legacy networking equipment.

Enjoy Dedicated, Reserved, Symmetrical High-Bandwidth Internet.

With years of E-Rate experience, we are also able to manage everything from responding to RFPs to managing construction and providing ongoing support throughout our partnerships. You no longer need to rely on ISPs that oversubscribe their networks and deliver inconsistent speeds. Enjoy dedicated, reserved, symmetrical high-bandwidth internet that supports burstable speeds, with Fatbeam’s DIA solution.


Dedicated Bandwidth

Enjoy dedicated, high-performance bandwidth that supports the growing needs of your institution.

Synchronous Speeds

Upload just as fast as you can download; supercharge your productivity with high speed bandwidth.

Superior Connectivity

Fast, consistent access to public and private cloud services, all leveraging Fatbeam’s network.