Cloudbeam is an add-on to your DIA circuit that can provide you with a secure connection to any Cloud Service Provider (CSP), via direct fiber connections, while also saving you time and money.

Enhance your connectivity.

As an added enhancement to your Internet service, Cloudbeam provides private, secure, and high-performance connections to your Cloud Service Provider (CSP). We recognize that your connectivity solutions are not “one size fits all”; your business is unique, and your connectivity should be built out in the way you need it. Cloudbeam allows you to hyperscale the technology infrastructure that underpins your business. With this private and scalable connection, you can now maximize your value from your cloud infrastructure investments.

Increase your performance.

Cloudbeam creates direct links between you and your CSP.  This direct link will improve latency and performance by eliminating the need for VPN devices that can slow down traffic. By having this dedicated connection, you will also have better bandwidth and the connection will remain private.

Enjoy the benefits of having secure fiber-based connectivity.

Fiber-based connectivity offers you fast, secure, and reliable links to your CSPs and Datacenters. We can guarantee lower latency and higher speeds since you would be traversing across our fiber network.

Reduce IT expenses by moving services to the cloud.

A significant amount of an IT department’s budget is spent on purchasing and maintaining hardware and physical servers. Migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud gives you a cost effective, secure, and scalable infrastructure solution. When you connect to your CSP, with Cloudbeam you will optimize your cloud connection and increase its performance, without the overhead of VPNs or firewalls, to your CSPs. Connecting directly to the cloud through one of our dedicated lines of fiber, we will help you maximize the value from your cloud investments and drive improvements to your business performance.

Cloudbeam’s direct fiber is more reliable, has faster speeds, and has lower latencies than typical VPN over the Internet. Fatbeam’s connections are also private and offer a more consistent network performance.



Cloudbeam offers secure connections to cloud service providers which reduces the risk of data theft and other outside attacks.


Utilizing a private Cloudbeam connection ensures reliable uptime by gaining direct access to your designated cloud service provider.


Cloudbeam’s fiber-based cloud connectivity allows you to be flexible with connections to over 100 cloud and other application service providers.


Cloudbeam’s highly secure and reliable connections will take your business’s performance to the next level, by eliminating internet hops in your connection.