9 Community Fiber Internet Success Stories

Across the nation, community fiber providers are raising the standards for excellence in the broadband industry. Fiber customers are the happiest with their service overall in the entire broadband industry, and it’s no wonder why that is; the technology offers the fastest speeds and the most stable connection, and it’s also future-proofed for the networking needs of tomorrow’s smart homes and IoT-enabled applications.

At BroadbandNow, we believe strongly in championing the local ISPs working on the ground to deliver incredible services to their fellow residents. We’re proud to feature nine fiber operations doing just that from every corner of the U.S.


Phil Siemens, Marketing Coordinator

How Has Fiber Service Changed the Local Community? 

In 2010, Greg Green partnered with Shawn Swanby, founder and President of Ednetics (a provider of technology solutions to the education community), to create a company, Fatbeam, that would deliver high capacity fiber-optic transport services to underserved markets in the education, healthcare, and government markets.

Fatbeam’s team of experts have years of experience in providing telecommunications solutions that give customers the connectivity they need to accelerate and grow their operations. The entire Fatbeam family is passionate and driven in bringing high-quality fiber-based network solutions to organizations across the Western US.

Now Fatbeam is focusing more of their attention on connecting enterprise customers and continues to serve the healthcare and educational markets. Fatbeam has been building wide area networks across Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona. They offer Dark and Lit Fiber, Internet, and ELAN products.

In a lot of ways, Fatbeam changes the community the exact moment it enters into a new market. We use our E-Rate deals to build connectivity to local school districts and library branches, which drastically changes the way students learn and teachers teach. We then take our own resources and build off this network to make it easier for local businesses to work off this network as well. Usually, we are bringing our fiber backbones down roads that have never had the chance to access fiber before. Our goal is to provide fiber to underserved markets.

Our customers are having fewer connectivity issues; we are fortunate enough to have a team that truly cares for our customers and our customers can see that. In short, we bring peace of mind to our customer’s table. The security and stability of our customers feel with us is what truly sets us apart. Here is what once of customers recently said, “This year is a turning point for the Centralia School District as we have more online testing for students than ever before, making high-speed Internet connectivity a crucial component in our success with the program. The broadband infrastructure that Fatbeam built has allowed for advanced speeds between buildings and a more seamless online experience for our students and faculty that was otherwise unavailable.” Mitch Thompson, Director of Fiscal Services, Centralia School District.